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Our team

Our dream hasn't been built alone.

11 years of storytelling, hundreds of weddings. Thank you.


I am a lucky man… I never thought I would be where I am but where I'm at is not where I’m going. I will always search for more. This has been an amazing journey and on it I have had the opportunity to know, learn and share with friends, colleagues and mentors who have enriched my life. That beyond merely being just clients, they have given me the privilege of capturing one of the important days and moments of their lives. My mission I take with determination and responsibility. The task of telling stories goes beyond pressing a button and making a shot with a camera. 


This life project has given me the opportunity of becoming a translator of thoughts into images and open it into imagination. Each and one of my videos becomes my own work of art. Each person takes something of me, like me of them and that has an incredible value. I never intended to touch the lives of millions of people but to touch theirs is sufficient. You share with couples something for a few hours but most of the time you end up sharing the entire day with the couple almost to the point in which you begin to feel part of their family. When capturing  a wedding, my final objective is to make them feel more than fortunate that the way they make me feel. I always try to tell couples that I am like that distant cousin that you never see or sometimes don’t see too often and it ends up sharing that entire day with you. It’s not an easy task to calculate the valur of one of the most transcendental days of your life.


As an artist and a translator of thought and more than capturing moments that will last eternally I will use the greatest power that God has blessed me with, IMAGINATION.

- Zuriel Ramos Soto

Meet The Team

Responsible for overseeing operations, policy implementation and strategic planning. He is also the chief editor and camera operator.

Responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a creative finished product for our clients. He also works as a camera operator in our different protects.

Our Clients

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