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Welcome! Here are a few answers to frequent questions, that way you can have a better idea of what's like working with our team.


How many years of experience do you have?

We started Zura on 2012 but it was as part time job, because at that time Zuriel was working as a Producer for a local TV station in San Juan. In 2014, Zuriel decided to go Full time on videos and that's when Raymond came in. Zura Film was created by Zuriel Ramos on the year 2012 and know we're celebrating our 11th anniversary.

How many weddings do you take per day?
Just one. Full attention to our couples.
Do you have insurance?
Yes. We always have to be prepared and ready for anything.

What are your delivery method?

Depending on what collection you choose we send your final product on different methods. We offer online digital delivery, a video gallery of your wedding with password. It will never expire and it will always be on cloud ready to download. You can send it to your family and friends.

How many days after the event you deliver?

Our contract guarantees our clients that their final product will be delivered within 180 days after the event. Which are divide as continue: 5 to 7 days or so after the event (wedding) you will received a teaser (a small clip of what happened that day), 45 to 80 days later you will received the second questionnaire for the post production wishes and then 100 to 180 days you will received your final video.

Do you like to pose couples?

No. This is video! I don't like to pose couple those are shots for the photographer. We like to film the moment as much natural as posible.

Do you have VIDEO + PHOTOGRAPHY packages?

Unfortunately no, we don't offer both packages. We believe that in order to have different experience and full commitment to their work video and photography must be separated vendors.

How do you decide what to edit of a wedding video?

In order to decide what goes or not on their wedding video we give to couples two questionnaires. One before the wedding, to let us know what they want to emphize and one after the wedding, to let us know what to make sure is or not on the film. In there you can write us details, music, people and instructions that you want to emphasize to us in order to capture your perfect day..

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